Plant Based Education & Wellness


Sol Shine Culina has been created as a source for all those who are want to experience food as it should be, pure, simple and extremely delicious! Whether you are a foodie, a novice in the kitchen, a vegan or just want to try something new, we welcome you, and hope you join us on your wellness journey.

I have created this space because I would like to help you learn how to incorporate more whole foods into your life, how to use them, the benefits of using them and easy recipes that you can make at home that are fast, delicious and nutritious!

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Plant Based Chef​ and Yoga Teacher.  Since starting my wellness journey over ten years ago, my digestion has improved tremendously, my skin has cleared up, my mental health has taken a positive turn, I have more energy and no longer rely on prescription drugs, caffeine and sugar to fuel me through the day.  Overall I feel great, and I want you to feel the same! I have created these courses so that you can start your journey towards a new and improved you, starting from the inside out.  I would like this to be accessible for all, so I have created both online and live classes so that everyone has a chance to participate and utilize these classes first hand. Let’s get started!